How can I track what websites have been visited on my network?

The GT784WN has the ability to keep track of what websites are being visited but the users connected to it. However, it is not enabled by default. To enable this feature you will need to follow these steps.

1.Log into the GUI by typing into your web browser.


Note: Depending on how you have setup your GT784WN will determine what screen you see next. If you setup a username and password you will get a login screen, so you will need to login to your GT784WN. If you have not setup a

username and password and are already connected to the internet you will see a screen with a bunch of icons and a globe showing your connection status, see image below. Lastly, if you have not setup your unit at all you will see a “What would you like to do page”. If you are already connected to the internet please continue on to step 2 if not, please complete the steps in the Quick Start Guide before continuing to step 2.


2.Select “Utilities”


3.Select “Web Activity Log”


4.Select “Enable Logging”

5.Select “Apply”


6. After you click on “Apply” you will be taken to a please wait screen while the setting is applied to your GT784WN. Once it is done applying the settings you will be taken back to the Web Activity Log settings page. You’re done!

All of the other options on the Web Activity Log page are optional. What you need to keep in mind is that having this feature enabled may slow your GT784WN down. So if you experience any issues after this feature is enabled I would recommend you disable this feature.

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