How do I configure multiple different wireless networks or create a guest wireless network on my GT784WN?

  1. From a computer connected by ethernet, open browser\type in the Address Bar and hit enter.
  2. Click on Wireless Setup
  3. To your left, click on the "Multiple SSID" link. 
  4. Click the drop down in step ONE and select a name from the list separate from the main network name, (this should be in the box)
  5. Enable the SSID Broadcast
  6. Set to Broadcast the SSID
  7. Either use the default SSID Name or create your own in all capital letters. 
  8. Set the Separate Subnet to Enable.
  9. Enter the following
  10. DHCP Start Address:
    DHCP End Address:
    SSID Subnet Mask:
    Gateway Address:
  11. Click APPLY

Your Guest connections are now in a totally different IP subnet and should not be able to even see your main network computers.


  1. You will need to change the numbers in step 10 for each additional network you create.
  2. The devices connected to the different wireless network names will not be able to connect to each other. Example: being computers on your "Guest" network will not be able to use a printer on your "HOME" network. 
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