What is WPS?

The WPS button is a newer wireless technology called WIFI Protected Setup (WPS) WIFI Protected Setup utilizes two basic supported methods of connection.

  1. Push Button. In this technology, your wireless adapter installed on your computer has either a physical button built into the hardware design of the wireless adapter or it has a software utility you open on the computer and push a software button. You then have 120 seconds to push the button on the front of your router and the two devices automatically connect with the correct wireless settings.
  2. The second method is called PIN Access connection. In PIN Access, you log into your router and set the WPS to use PIN. There is an auto-generated PIN Number in the routers settings and you write this down. You then open a utility on the wireless computer and enter the PIN Number in the utility. Again, you now have to push the button on the router and you then have 120 seconds to click on Enter, Continue, or Next on the computer and again, the two automatically configure the wireless network connection.

If you do not have WPS-compliant wireless devices on your computers or network then you would NEVER push the button on your router as it would have no purpose for your needs. You can disable the option by logging into the unit, click Wireless Setup\to the left, click on WPS. Click on the button to disable the WPS functions.

If you do not have WPS devices, in addition to not being able to use the button on the router, the WPS LED may turn GREEN\ORANGE\RED at random if the WPS function goes into discovery mode. If it fails to receive a response from a WPS wireless device, the LED is designed to turn RED.

If the WPS LED is bothersome, log into your product at the or if it's a Verizon branded unit.

Click on Wireless Settings\Setup\on your left, click on WPS\Click the button to disable the WPS function and the LED should turn off.

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  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup also called as WPS is a feature abounding with various routers. It is intended to make the procedure of connecting to a secure wireless network from a computer or other device at ease.

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  • Robert,
    Correct. Did you have any questions regarding this feature?

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