How to setup the GT784WN for a block of static IP's

To configure your Actiontec DSL gateway for use with a Static IP block from your internet provider, you will need to contact your ISP and obtain the following information:

a) Your PPP username and password.
b) Your ISP's VPI and VCI values You will also need any usernames or passwords for your account.
c) The reserved Gateway IP Address for your Static IP block.
d) The Subnet Mask for you Static IP block.
e) DNS Server addresses (if applicable)

On a computer that is connected to the Actiontec DSL Gateway, open a web browser and type into the address bar at the top of the screen. Press enter on your keyboard.
Click Manual Setup if you are taken to the "What would you like to do?" menu. Otherwise, click on the Advanced Setup icon at the top of the page.
From the left-hand column of the Advanced Setup page, select "WAN IP Settings"
If you are shown a warning, click "Yes".
On the WAN IP Address page, select the option under #1 that corresponds to the information you obtained from your ISP:

1) Select PPPoE
2) Enter the PPP username and password from your internet provider in the spaces provided under #3.
3) Under #4, select Block of "Static IP Addresses (Unnumbered Mode)". Then in the spaces provided, enter the Gateway IP Address and Subnet Mask. If you desire for devices connected to the network which is not assigned IP addresses from the Static IP block to instead receive LAN IP addresses from the Actiontec DSL Gateway, select "VIP Mode". Otherwise, leave "VIP Mode" unchecked.
4) If you were given DNS Server addresses, then select "Static DNS Addresses" under #5 and then enter the DNS Server addresses in the spaces provided.
5) Click the Apply button.

You will be taken to the DSL Settings page. Enter the VPI/VCI values from your ISP in the spaces provided. Do not change any other settings on this page. Click the Apply button.

Once the settings have been saved in the modem, the DSL Settings page will refresh. The modem is now correctly configured for use with a Static IP Block. You will need to manually assign the public IP addresses from your block to the devices you want them assigned to.

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