How do I setup Port Forwarding?

Follow these instructions to open the ports.

  1. Connect a computer to the unit by ethernet.
  2. Disable all security programs on the computer.
  3. Open web browser and type in the Address bar, hit enter.
  4. Click on Manual setup.
  5. Click on the Advanced icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  6. Under Security bottom left, Click on Applications.
  7. Select the computer from the connection list.
  8. There are some pre-programmed entries. To create a connection not found in the list, select User and then click the New button.
  9. Name your rule after the application you are opening ports for. To map your ports you must configure the mapping as follows.
  10. Set protocol to TCP. The port start is the first port, The port end the last port. Port Map will ALWAYS be the first port.
  11. Click Apply.
  12. Change the protocol to UDP and remap your port\ports.
  13. Click Apply.

You should have two entries for the ports you're mapping. One for TCP and one for UDP. If you're doing multiple mappings make sure they are done in pairs this way. 

  1. Once finished, click the Back button.
  2. Select the PC from the list. 
  3. Select User.
  4. Select your rule.
  5. Click the Add button and the rule should show under Applied Rules.
  6. Click Apply.

Be aware, you cannot have a DMZ enabled and also forward ports. You must have the firewall level set to OFF. OFF is still protecting your computers but any other level will DISABLE all DMZ and port forwarding entries.

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