How to reset the Transmitter and receiver to factory defaults

To reset the Transmitter and Receiver to factory defaults push the Menu button 5 seconds, then release, your TV will display the device are resetting to factory defaults. After the units reset and reboot they should reconnect automatically and display your audio and video again.

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  • TV displays Verify HDMI is connected and video source power is on, they are.

    Transmitter has orange power light on and no light on link

  • Vecolman37,

    An orange link light on the transmitter indicates one of the following.

    1. No HDMI Input on Transmitter. Make sure the HDMI cable from the source device is connected into the HDMI Input port on the transmitter.

    2. The source device is not powered on. Make sure the source device is powered on.

    If the source device is powered on, then try a different source device like a dvd player, computer or game console. If you have the same issue with multiple source devices then the HDMI port could be bad on the transmitter and it would need to be replaced.

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