GT784WN Firmware Upgrade NCS01-1.0.14

This Firmware upgrade resolves issues with enabling and disabling the WPS feature.


This upgrade will restore your device to factory defaults, erasing all user names, passwords, wireless settings and advanced custom configurations that you have made. Be sure to make note of any custom settings before upgrading your unit.

Mac users using Safari may need to disable the 'Open 'safe' files after downloading' option before downloading this file.

Actiontec Electronics will not provide a refund or replacement, for products that have failed due to the loading of incorrect firmware or the testing of custom firmware.

(To identify your Actiontec product, look for the model number. It is located on the FCC sticker, found on the bottom or back of the product. Typically the model number is in the sticker's upper right-hand corner.)

This Firmware Upgrade (NCS01-1.0.14) is for the GT784WN ONLY. It is not to be used on any other model of router or gateway. This is an NCS (Non-Customer Specific) Firmware and is not intended as an Upgrade for ANY ISP Specific Firmware, regardless of version number. Therefore, you should not load an NCS Firmware Upgrade on to a gateway that currently has an ISP Specific Firmware installed. The reverse is also true. You should not load an ISP Specific Firmware Upgrade on to a gateway that currently has an NCS version installed. These types of Upgrades frequently result in a nonfunctional device.

Clicking the link below will initiate the download, and at the prompt 'Do you want to run or save this file?' select 'Save'. At the following 'Save As' dialog, be sure to select a familiar location to save the file, like 'My Documents' or the 'Desktop', so that the file will be easy to find later.

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  • There's a problem with the contents of "" archive file. It does *not* contain an .IMG file as the firmware instructions say to use (top of page 2) to begin the upgrade process . It has only a file named "bcm96328GW_fs_kernel" -- so it's either the wrong file or the right file with wrong name. I also think the instructions should mention that one needs to extract the file from the .ZIP archive.


  • Martin,

    The file has been updated.

  • Admin,

    Things look much better now. Thanks!

    Observation: Since the .ZIP is about the same size as the .IMG, there doesn't seem to be much point in putting in an archive in the first place -- just one more place to make a mistake like the one that occurred. I suppose it does provide some degree of validity checking to the whole process, since ,ZIP files contain a checksum that's verified during extraction (by most ZIP archive utilities).


  • Hi, I don't use the WPS feature. Do I need to update the firmware (any problem with KRACK Vulnerability)? Thanks

  • Thig,

    The GT784WN does not support repeater mode or 802.11r FT. So it is not affected by the KRACK vulnerability. So no firmware update is required. But you will need to make sure that your wireless devices themselves are not vulnerable to the KRACK vulnerability. For that, you will need to check with the manufacture of all your wireless devices.

  • Does this firmware finally allow this modem to do annex m mode? If not when will annex m be implemented on the gt784

  • Kevin,

    This firmware does not allow the modem to do Annex M mode. Also, there are no current plans for it to be added to any future releases.

  • Hello,

    I currently have NCS01-1.0.12 firmware on my GT784WN. I don't need WPS. Are other issues resolved by 1.0.14 or is there an earlier version of firmware (1.0.13 ?) which I can download and install without restoring to factory defaults?

  • George,

    The .14 firmware does resolve a few other issues that were happening on the backend of the device. I would recommend updating to the .14 firmware. All firmware updates can restore your unit to defaults regardless of the version.

  • Using a GT784WN router through CenturyLink in Kingston WA. My internet has been extremely slow, often really non-functional CenturyLink seems unable to correct this except to have me disconnect power, wait, reconnect, which works for a while. Last support person suggested that fault might be with the router. Your thoughts? This upgrade something I should do?

  • Mike,

    How long ago did you get your GT784WN?

  • August 2012, from CenturyLink

  • Mike,

    I do not think Centurylink ever gave out the GT784WN. Are you sure that is the model number? The only GT series models that they gave out were the GT701, GT704. Do you know the current firmware version?

  • Check your pc and other devices in network for malware. If you are 100 percent positive no malware on any devices, have century link check the line coming to house. I work for a internet provider and more times than not, its the customers devices all fouled up with malware. Something could be hogging the bandwidth. Check your SNR of the connection in the modem. What is the speed that you are supposed to be receiving?

  • Very sure no malware, even using an Apple I have checked.
    Unable to open the upgrade. Error message "image not recognized".

  • Mike,

    Not that it should make a difference but are you using a Mac device? If so do you have a windows device you might try? Also, What are you using to extract the file from the zip folder?

  • I updated the firmware a while ago and was hoping it would resolve the periodic resetting of the unit required to get it to connect to the internet. Any ideas on how to resolve? Already ruled out the internet provider and hardwiring

  • Thomas,

    Can you tell us more about your setup and what/how you have each device connected to the GT784WN? If you don't want to share that here please give us a call.

  • I am sending the info via the email that you sent to me earlier with screen shots of the current status and system setup settings

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