KRACK Vulnerability

UPDATED 10/24/2017

Actiontec is aware of the industry-wide KRACK vulnerability affecting Wi-Fi Protected Access protocol standards (i.e. WPA/WPA2). 

Our customers are our highest priority, and our goal is to provide you with timely information to ensure that your home network is as safe as possible. 

If your Wi-Fi router or network extender was provided by your service provider (i.e. Bell Canada, CenturyLink, Cox, Dish, Google, Frontier, MTS, SaskTel, TDS, Telus, Verizon, Windstream), it is not affected by the KRACK vulnerability, and no firmware update is required.  These products do not operate in repeater mode and do not have 802.11r FT enabled.

If you purchased your device from a retail outlet, please refer to the main page of this site, using the following link: Main Support Page

From there, scroll down the page until you find the model number of your device (e.g. GT784WN). Then click on the model number for your device. Once you are on the support page for your product, browse to the section titled "Firmware." There, you will find instructions to download and install a firmware update for your device, if required.

If you need help identifying the model number or firmware version of your device, please call or email our technical support center. You can find both our phone number and our email support request page by using the following link:     

NOTE: All of your Wi-Fi end devices (phones, tablets, computers, game consoles,  TVs, printers, security cameras, etc.) need to be updated.  Updating the router alone does NOT remove the need to update the end Wi-Fi devices.

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