The remote TV displays “Video signal is not detected.”

Make sure the TVs are connected to the HDMI Out to TV ports and the cable/satellite box or media player device is connected to the HDMI Input port. Verify your cable/satellite box or media player device is powered on. If you’re using a cable/satellite box and there’s still an issue, make sure you have an HD subscription plan and an HDMI signal is coming from your cable box.

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  • yes to all of the above.
    Transmitter power light is orange, link light is green.
    Receiver link & power lights both green, mode light not on
    Main menu on tv has Language - video mode & exit highlighted, pairing is not.
    Signal strength is 6 bars
    Xmtr & rec within 15 ' of other.
    No problems with video if I connect TV direct to cable box with HDMI cable (bypass xmtr & rec)


  • Vecoleman,

    The orange power light indicates the HDMI cable from the source device (ie., DVR, STB, DVD, etc.,) is not connected into the HDMI input port on the Transmitter. If you connect your cable box to the transmitter and still get an orange light, try a different source device like a dvd player, roku, etc., and possibly another HDMI cable.

    Pairing is not required for this kit.

    Use the Menu and Select buttons to exit the main menu.

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