How do I upgrade the firmware?

Follow the steps for both the transmitter and receiver. Updating the transmitter will take about five minutes and the receiver will take about one minute.

Prepare the firmware
1. On a PC, go to Browse to the support section and download the latest firmware.
2. Extract the zip file, and copy both MWTV3TX.img and install.img to the top directory of a USB flash drive.

Upgrade the devices
You must complete all steps for both the transmitter and receiver. Upgrade order does not matter.
1. Power off the MyWirelessTV 3 by unplugging the power cable.
2. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port of the MyWirelessTV 3.
3. Press and hold the RESET button and keep holding it while you plug in the power cable on the MyWirelessTV 3 to turn it on. When the LINK LED starts to blink red, release the RESET button.
4. Once the LINK LED blinks orange, the upgrade is complete.
5. Remove the USB flash drive from the MyWirelessTV 3.

Warning: Do NOT power off the MyWirelessTV 3 or remove the USB flash drive
during the firmware upgrade process.

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  • Link to firmware not working.

  • John,

    The link has been corrected please try your download again.

  • What happens if you accidentally uplugged the power cord during the firmware update? It looks like the lights will not come back on. Is it totally hosed?

  • Yes, you could have ruined your device. When did you get your units?

  • I got it quite a while ago. I'm pretty sure it's toast. No worries. Thanks for your input.

  • I can't update the firmware on the transmitter unit. I was only able update the firmware on the receiver. What else can I do to update?

  • James,

    There should be NO need to upgrade the firmware on these units. They should already be on What firmware is on your units?
    You can find the firmware by pressing/releasing the menu button on the receiver unit. the System Information panel will display the firmware for both units.

  • Just checked firmware via the menu button. Receiver is transmitter is Have never upgraded firmware. Do I need to upgrade the transmitter, particularly to make sure 4K is streaming? Also is signal 4K/30 frames or 60?

  • Gregg,
    Those are the current firmwares for the units and there are no upgrades.
    The product was discontinued so there will be no updates to the units in the future.

    The signal is 4K/30fps also the resolution is dependent on a number of factors including the source's video quality and the operating range between the transmitter and receiver.

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