I cannot control the source device with its remote control, via the MyWirelessTV 3 Receiver OR the source device is slow to respond to the remote control.

Make sure the IR blaster cable is connected to the transmitter’s IR Transmit port, and the sensor is mounted directly on top of the source device’s IR sensor window. Also, make sure the receiver or the IR receiver cable sensor is in the line of sight of the remote control.

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  • I have the transmitter and receiver in the same room. Why won’t my ir blaster work. I have the cable in the transmitter and the blaster in the receiver. Nothing is happening when I point the remote at the receiver.

  • Michael,
    These are the typical reasons for not being able to change the channels using the MWTV kits.

    1. The Source device uses RF (Radio Frequency) remote controls and not IR (Infra Red). The MWTV devices do not support RF remotes.
    2. The IR Blaster is not placed properly above the IR Sensor location of the Source device.
    3. The IR cables are not connected to the correct transmitter or receiver (match the green and black plugs to the correct adapter).
    4. Either the IR sensor or IR Blaster may be defective.

    If you need further assistance you contact our Technical support dept at 8884360657.

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