Why do I have to power cycle my GT784WN to get Internet access?

This is typically caused by DSL signal issues. To check the DSL signal follow these instructions.

 In your Address Bar, where you would normally type a website, erase everything. Then type in the numbers and hit enter.

Log into your modem, click the Status icon and on your left, click on WAN status.

In the Broadband settings, check for Near and Far End CRC and Near and Far End RS-FEC Errors Interleave.

These should all have a ZERO to the right. If there are numbers over 100 here, you have a bad DSL connection and the modem is picking up errors on the line. The higher the error counts are, the more chance you will be disconnected.

Check the SNR margin. This should be 10db to 40db for a good connection. Less than 6db and your modem WILL be disconnected.

Check the Attenuation. This should be 10db to 40db. Higher than 50db and your modem WILL be disconnected.

Check the Power. The Power level should be between 10db to 40db. Higher than 50db will cause drops.

These all indicate issues with the DSL line or your phone wiring in your home.

Make sure you have no splitters or filters connected to your wall phone jack outlet to the modem.

Make sure your phone cord is between 6 and 12 feet long, no longer.

You may need to contact your ISP to have them check the lines at your house.

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  • I just replaced my CenturyLink Leased modem with a GT784WN to save leasing fees. The previous leased modem was working fine. Since the new install I am losing Internet connectivity intermittently and have to either plug and unplug the phone line from the modem to the jack or recycle the Actiontec device. I looked at the above advice and see that my Near End CRC Errors Interleave: is 242. The last time I called CenturyLink they advised I send the modem back because it is likely defective. Any advice?

  • This is a problem with the signal coming from your ISP. Those errors should be 0. You should have them come out and test the line all the way up to the modem. They cannot test for those errors unless they come out to the house. They can only check up to the demark which is outside your house someplace in your neighborhood. They other option is to replace the phone cord going to your modem or try it in a different phone jack in your home?

    Are you using the new phone cord that came with your GT? How long is that phone cord? Do you have a DSL filter on the line going into your modem?

  • Fw update fixed my issues

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