Why am I experiencing lag (lip sync) or video pixilation when the MyWirelessTV 3 is connected to the network?

Lip sync is a known issue. A lag ~0.5 second is considered normal.  If your lag is more than ~0.5 seconds, try changing the wireless channel.  Press and hold the Select button on the Receiver for at least six seconds and release the button when the Wi-Fi Channel Setting screen appears. Press the Menu button to highlight the desired channel and press the Select button to confirm.  Be advised that your units will re-boot.

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  • Lament informs, but half a second is an unacceptable sound delay. For less demanding audiences a delay of 0.1 second (2 or 3 frames) may be, for a more demanding consumer should be less than this. I wonder if a future firmware update could fix this, or this is impossible to fix via software. Thank you.

  • Adair,
    We are working on a fix, unfortunately we do not have a time frame of when the fix will be available via firmware update. Once released it will be posted at the following link.

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