What is the MPS button for?

The MPS (MoCA Protected Setup) button allows the ECB6250's to secure the data connection. This is only compatible with other ECB6250 devices. It will not secure on a mixed MoCA network.

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  • What does it mean that the MPS button “allows” the ECB6250’s to secure the data connection. Can you please elaborate on exactly how to do that? In other words, do I need to press the MPS button on each adapter to activate it... or just one? Do I need to press the buttons on the adapters at the same time? Do I need to hold the button down for some period of time or just press it? Is MPS active by default? Is there any way to verify that the data connection is secure? Thanks!

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  • The MPS (MoCA Protected Setup) button is similar to the WPS (Wireless Protected Setup) button on a router except it is for MoCA devices. Press it for 1-2 seconds on each device you are trying to synchronize.
    This is typically not required in a home setup since the public does not connect to your home coax cabling network.

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