Actiontec Adapters and Extender Keep Dropping Ethernet

We just moved into a new house which is wired throughout for coax.

I hooked up one Actiontec Adapter EBC6200K02 for the CableModem/Router in my office and an Actiontec WCB6200Q Extender in the living room. After a few false starts, I got the MoCA network working and could view TV in both the living room and the office! All was working great for a day and  then, boom, the coax lights on both the Actiontec adapter and the WiFi extender were out. I turned everything off, disconnected pretty much everything, and then reconnected and restarted everything again, and poof, the MoCA is back on. Now after another day and a half, the lights are back off. 

I can find any information in the Forum or online about periodically having the MoCA go off. So I'm posting to the forum here to see if I can get some insight into the problem.

We have Xfinity/Comcast for our internet access. We don't use Comcast for TV or phone, just the internet. We have completely cut the cord, so we only use the Internet for streaming content. We use Apple TV or AirPlay from our computers to view TV programs or Internet shows.

I have the dual splitter that came with the two Actiontec adapters connected the coax in my office. From this I connect one coax cable to the Actiontec ECB6200K02 adapter and another to the Neatgear wired/wirelss router C3000 in my office. I have one ethernet cable connected from the modem/router to the Actiontect adapter and another ethernet cable connect to a hub/switch that runs my home office network in my office. I have the Actiontec WiFi Extender WCB6200Q in the living room. It is connected directly to the coax from the wall. An ethernet Cat5e cable runs from the Extender to an Apple TV 4th generation. When I've connected the Extender to the coax and the Ethernet cable, the coax light lights up and we can watch TV in the living room. It is the living TV going off periodically that is the issue.

The TV in my office is connected to an AppleTV, but this connection is off the Ethernet network in the office, not from a splitter with coax. My TV internet connection never gets dropped. And I always have Internet to my computers. So I know I have Internet coming into the house and the Comcast connection is working. The problem is only with the MoCA internet and the TV in the living room. 

I have done the Adpater to Adapter test that I saw on the Actiontec website. Everything passes. As I said, I can get the Moca network to work for a day or so, so the equipment is functioning. I have some network knowledge, but not enough to trouble shoot why the MoCA connection, especially in the living room, keeps going out.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me solve this problem?





  • Laura,

    If the adapter to adapter passes without dropping the coax connection but drops when connecting into the home coax network it means there is something on the coax network which is disrupting the MoCA signal passing thru the cable network. You will want to check all splitters and Make sure they are MoCA 2.0 rated. Also make sure there are no signal amplifiers on the coax network as they could interfere with the MoCA signal as well.

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  • I think I'm having the same problem. Router -> ECB6200 -> splitter -> WCB6200.

    The WCB extender will work for a few days then stop. I power cycle the WCB and then it'll work for a day, two days, or a week. If the splitter is not MoCA 2.0 rated then it could be causing these disruptions?

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  • Daniel,

    Yes, the splitter needs to be MoCA rated. Any splitters on the coax network should be rated for MoCA.

    Also, depending on the router and service provider you may not need the ECB6200 or splitter installed at the router location which could cause a feedback signal.

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  • I'm having the same problem. My WCB6200Q has been working great for months but now all of a sudden the network connection fails and the status light will flicker for few second but its not on long enough to connect.  The ECB6200's coax light is not lit either.  Could this mean that the splitter outside is going bad or could it be the splitter connected to the ECB6200 in the house is going bad?  All the splitters are 5- 1675MHz splitters?

    Any help is appreciated. I've spent numerous hours resetting the  WCB6200Q and checking its configuration to make sure everything is right.

    George King

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  • George,

    Typically when the coax light does not come on or randomly goes out indicates some sort of signal issue over the coax network.

    You can perform 2 simple tests to verify if it is either the WCB or ECB adapters. If the tests pass then the issue will be something on your coax network causing a signal issue. Here is a link to the 2 tests.

    If you need further assistance and the adapters are still within the warranty period please contact our support department at 8884360657

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