Showing fast isp speeds into modem/router but slow speeds out on T3200

I am with Windstream and every indication is that I am receiving very close to or above the speed I am supposed to be getting. My problem is that I am not getting these speeds, or even close , out of the modem/router.  I get close to 100mbps in according to status but have never gotten over 30mbps on any of 4 different speed tests. I have tested with all devices turned off, except testing device, and all devices on. I have spent hours on the phone with Windstream running test with devices on and off. It doesn't even seem to matter whats connected or what is not. Even had some higher speeds with more devices connected. Windstream service man is also stumped and has given up. I am just wondering if there is any setting in the device that could cause this problem or where I might need to look. Any help would be appreciated.    This is the third modem/router that we have tried and they all act the same. Thanks             



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  • Don, 

    Let me start with the fact that we cannot troubleshoot the device through this forum. I would suggest you call your ISP and have them do a 3way call with our tier 3 team.. If this is your 3 device this leads me to believe it is a service issue, not a device issue. I see from the image that your Near end CRC errors are above 100 this to me says you have a bad DSL connection. The higher the error counts are, the more chance you will have issues. 

    So I would recommend the following:

    • Remove any DSL filters you have connected as they might be going bad. 
    • Replace the phone cord coming from the wall to your mode. 
    • How long is the phone cord going into your modem it should not be longer than the one that came with the unit. 
    • Has the tech come into your house and tested the connection at the jack you are connecting too? 
    • Do you have any splitters installed if so remove those? 
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